Being an acupuncturist is like being a detective, where one has a brilliant and thousands of year’s old body of knowledge to help uncover and treat people’s pain, discomfort and distress. Every person that comes through my door is a unique and complex case where the body holds the secret of the reason why they come. Through questioning, palpation, observing, listening, and using skills that have taken years to master, I can support them in getting relief from their disease.

Patients/Clients are often surprised when they come to me for an ailment in a certain part of their body (back, knee, shoulder, etc.) and the needles are placed in a seemingly unrelated area. For example, whenever someone has a headache, lower arm and leg points are indicated. Needles are rarely needed near the head in a good majority of headache pain. Why is that? The meridian system which carry vital life energy forms an organized and interconnected network throughout the body. Many believe that it runs throughout the fascia, a 3 dimensional whole of fibrous connective tissue that touches every organ, muscle, bone, tissue, and cell. There is not one part of the body that is touched without affecting the whole! This explains distal needling. For example, there is a point below the knee that is needled for all types of shoulder pain. There is a point on the outside of the baby toe that is used to turn the fetus in the uterus. A point near the elbow and one in back of the knee releases heat in the body. Particular points in the ear act a sedatives. One of my favorite points all is called gaohuangshu which, when stimulated, helps in the resolution of chronic of conditions.

Chinese Medicine is fascinating. It will take me a whole lifetime to put into practice what I have learned and I continue to learn something new all the time. It is a satisfying and inspiring profession and the best part is it helps to relieve suffering!

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