canoeing in the salt marsh

Acupuncture is an integral part of my personal wellness routine but the strong spine of a healthy life requires much more. This past summer I learned lots about what I need not just to maintain my health but to help it flourish. Here are 6:

FOOD—FRESH LOCAL: Big thanks to Kelly and Kingsley Goddard at Barberry Hill Farm and John and Bonnie Hall at Maple Breeze Farm for the amazing fruits of their hard labor that helped nourish not only me but the multitudes!

PURSUING PASSION: Giving room to cultivate personal gifts not only lifts your spirit, but those around you as well. It was great to once again join my weekly writer’s group to hear others work and to share my own. Also, R.J. Julia’s open mic helped fortify my commitment.

EXERCISE: For the past 23 years, qigong has had a special place in my fitness routine. Thank you to the weekly instruction of Robert Michael in Crane Style (my favorite) qigong that helped me to build qi while focusing the mind to become aware of my breath.

SILENCE, PRAYER AND GRACE: Gratitude for the sacred spaces that fostered my spirit from the monastery tucked away in North Guilford to the Priory in the hills of Vermont.

NATURE: Sunset swims in Long Island Sound; hiking  in the woods where eagles, hawks, ospreys and owls keep house; meals cooked on the open fire pit and enjoyed with friends; even the winds of Hurricane Irene all made me realize how in this coming year I need to make more time to spend in nature.

COMMUNITY: This year I have committed to cultivating a small group of skilled and compassionate health care providers to work in my West Village office. I will not be working one on one as I have for the past few years but will focus my attention on writing and building this mutually nourishing community.

I hope this inspires you to discover ways to create your personal lifestyle of ‘sustainable wellness’.

Happy Labor Day and may your work this year prosper!

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