sustainablephotoDo you find that a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night are good for you? Are a brisk walk and some gardening better for you than going to the gym? Does a good movie, song, painting, or piece of art lift your spirit? Do you feel better after being with certain people and drained after spending time with others? What makes you laugh? If you had two extra hours in the day, how would you spend it?

Enough questions. I will not suggest any answers. However, here is a quick reflection: what is good for one person may not be good for another. As they say, “one person’s meat can be another’s poison”. I can’t tell you whether vegan diets, juicing, fasting, going raw or eating everything in moderation would be good for you. You’ll need to find that out by experience, experimentation, patience, research, and sometimes getting feedback on your unique situation with trusted friends or professionals

“Find Your Fit” is a phrase I have used a lot in supporting others in my acupuncture practice. Here are some guidelines to help determine if your choices are good for you:

1. How is the quality of your sleep?
2. Do your emotions have a healthy flow—that is, not too much or too little of any one?
3. For women, according to Chinese Medicine, the menstrual cycle is an indicator of health. For a western medical view and research based specifics on the subject, I recommend going to the website
4. Are you a good weight for your height and constitution?
5. Do you feel good about yourself? Can you accept your limitations with relative ease? Are you flexible when things do not go your way? Are you willing to make changes that move you in the direction of being healthier?
6. Do you have any symptoms that need to be checked out by a health care provider?

Try to free yourself from the overload of conflicting advice we are constantly bombarded with from the media. Begin to trust yourself with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices by discovering what sustains and depletes your energy. Make changes accordingly.

Let’s try to cultivate a sustainable energy for ourselves as we move through spring and into the summer!

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