“Let the breath inform the movement,” is what a teacher said in yoga class the other day. It took me years to become aware of my breath and I try to do exactly what the teacher suggested, not only in yoga, but in life as well. When I practice staying true to how my body needs to move in class, it becomes easier in life and vice versa. In yoga, that means not straining to touch my head to my knee in a forward bend just because everyone else is or because I think I should.  In life it means saying yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no, and then following through on my words. Of course, I fail miserably sometimes, but that is the learning curve of life’s road we all walk. We experience what doesn’t work and then, hopefully, move in a different direction.

Learning to live like this creates ease and touches those around us in healthier ways, too. Standing firm in the truth of who we are and its expression will, as they say, set us free.

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