This has been an extraordinary year in many ways. I want to send warm holiday wishes to everyone who has make this year most memorable—to my clients who have allowed me to use my skills, to my teachers, especially Matt Callison, who has taught me to alleviate pain in unique and affective ways, to my colleagues, and to my students who I have had the pleasure of sharing my years of qigong practice and training with. Most sincere thanks to each and every friend, old and new, and to my family who supports me in so many ways.


My heart is heavy as I mourn with the victim’s family and community of Newtown, CT. I grew up in Connecticut and attended a school much like Sandy Hook Elementary. Noah Pozner’s eulogy (one of the many 6 year old vicitims) by his mother touched me deeply. It made me want to forgive and to give in ways known and unknown to my private and collective world to help bring light into dark places. My health advice today is to make time each day to lend a helping hand or ear or prayer to someone in need. Even if it is inconvenient or cuts into your schedule or means you miss out on something for yourself.


I wish all of my readers a meaningful holiday season and a big hope that you ride into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose, with health of mind and body, and with a personal vision as to how to make our world a better place for ourselves, our children and theirs as well.


Maureen Goss, M.S. L.Ac.

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