GETTING READY FOR SPRING: 6 Ways to prepare the Body, Mind, and Spirit

blogSpring is five weeks away. Here are six ways to jump-start the body, mind, and spirit:

1. Move: If you dislike doing exercise on your own, sample a yoga class, take a dance class or join a hiking/walking group.
2. Cut down on sugar: Try eating a clementine or a sliced banana with crushed walnuts instead of that piece of pastry. Cook yams with your meals—they are easy to prepare and as sweet as any dessert, only loaded with nutrients. Instead of ice cream, have a scoop of yogurt with sliced coconut and blueberries. Use your imagination.
3. Get outside: No time to do it? Just open the door, walk for ten minutes, turn around and come back. There, that’s 20 minutes of cardio done, which is great for your heart, excellent for sluggish circulation, and good for the spirit.
4. Stimulate your mind: Join a book club, go to a lecture, or take a class to learn something new. Libraries are usually full of free opportunities—take a look at yours.
5. Socialize: Take a friend out for tea or cappuccino, for no other reason than to connect. It is good for the soul.
6. See an acupuncturist. We are skilled at getting the circulation moving. We call circulation problems “qi stagnation,” and there are easy ways to remedy it with a few needles, cupping, some guasha, Chinese massage, or moxa.

Just knowing that spring is only five weeks away: that in itself can lift the spirit!


  1. Linda says

    Spring is a time of renewal, and your words definitely wake up the spirit. So happy that you are posting again.

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