I was happy to hear my friend tell me over lunch of his renewed commitment and inspiration to create fine art for his upcoming exhibition. Artists, when using their gifts well, have the ability to jolt us out of the usual pattern of seeing our world. Sitting at Cafe Minerva with Marc and my son did just that. The visual scene looking out the floor to ceiling windows as we waited for our pasta was a masterpiece in itself with the sun brushing brownstones on quirky West 4th Street.
The week before I had seen Angels in America, Tony Kushner’s brilliantly executed fantasy of the AIDS epidemic that swept through the art community in NYC cutting short so many artists’ careers in their prime. When it comes down to it, all we really have with certainty is today. So put your pen to the page, brush to the canvas, mouth to the microphone, and get the camera ready in order to capture those fleeting moments in time. Put the extra effort into making your ordinary dinner extraordinary tonight, paint a room chinese red, or arrange some flowers for your office. Whatever you do, do it with love. The world desperately needs your unique brand of beauty. No, it is starving for it. Feed us today!

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