No matter where we are, we have two abundant resources to help us restore and maintain our balance—the earth and the sky. The energy of the earth is yin, and the energy of the sky is yang. They are opposite, yet complementary forces, and, according to Chinese philosophy, everything in the universe is composed of these two qualities.

According to classical Chinese medical theory, our body, which is a microcosm of the universe, is also composed of yin and yang. Our health depends on the proper balance of these two energies which are constantly changing as we live and grow.

The ancient symbol for yin yang is shown here. The dark side is yin, which represents the earth, femininity, coolness, darkness and stillness. The light side is yang, which represents the sky, masculinity, heat, light, and activity. The two are not exclusive from one another. As represented by the small circles, yin is within yang, and yang is within yin. They are forever changing and balancing each other.

The next time you are in nature imagine bringing up the energy of the earth from the ground into your feet while at the same time bringing the energy of the sky into the crown of your head. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and fully. This is a great way to naturally recharge.

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