Acupuncture on the Green

IntheofficeI am ‘home’ again, treating those I have known for many years as well as some I have just met. My new office overlooks the Town Green in Guilford, CT.

The treatment methods that I use have been cultivated by years of working in NYC with, undoubtedly, some of the most stressed people on the planet. I have learned a lot and am grateful to be able to share the fruits of my experience with those in this brilliantly beautiful shoreline town and its surrounds.

A good portion of my work in a session revolves around what I call “acupuncture for stress reduction”. As has been proven time and again, stress exacerbates disease. Think of the knot in your stomach or the shoulders that lift closer to your ears when you have too much on your plate. Headaches, back pain, insomnia and a host of other ailments often resolve with a course of acupuncture treatment. Often, the tight muscles that seem to not want to give up their hold (like frozen shoulder) will release. One thing is almost certain if you come for treatment: you will feel more relaxed after the hour session. Acupuncture stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that puts the body into a state of rest and digest. This is the best place to be to begin to heal.

It is not only the strategically placed needles that work to free up the circulation. Gua sha or cupping is an excellent technique that works to get stagnant blood that has been trapped in areas of chronic pain to come to the surface so it can be flushed away by the lymph system. Other techniques such as tuina (Chinese massage) and acupressure can be the perfect balance of modalities to complement a treatment plan.

How long until one can expect results from something like sciatica or migraine headaches? That depends on the individual. Everyone is different and presents in unique ways. On the first appointment, we do an intake that is different from a Western Medical intake. Chinese medicine uses is what is call a “differential diagnosis” based on putting patterns together. I will look at your tongue, check your pulse and ask questions that cover everything from digestive function to the emotional patterns that are prevalent in your day.

Call if you would like to make an appointment. You just might leave the office with a smile on your face and an entirely new perspective on your day–perhaps the perfect time to meet a friend at one of the wonderful cafes right downstairs!

Maureen Goss Healing Arts
On the Guilford Green
203 499 8175

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