The holidays are only a couple of months away. Time for some Fall wellness inspirations.  Here are 4 suggestions:

If you have seasonal allergies, consider consulting with an acupuncturist. Resolving allergies, according to Chinese Medicine, is not a one time treatment, and it is best to begin at least a couple of seasons before. A good acupuncturist can help you by coming up with a good treatment plan in addition to determining what changes might be needed in terms of your diet, lifestyle and exercise to support a resolution of symptoms.

Take a hike. The leaves are golden, orange and red and the air is crisp. It is the time to head for a trail in the woods, a park or the High Line. The weather is perfect to work up a sweat with a fast walk and fill your lungs with fresh air. Go alone or with a friend. There is something much healthier about pumping fresh oxygen through your blood when you do it outdoors rather than in a gym. Take advantage of the season.

Get rid of it! “How many winter coats and jackets do I really need?” I asked myself as I continued my vow to lighten my load. Spring and Fall are the best times to get rid of the things that clutter your living and work space. If you have not used it in the last year, give it away to someone who needs it or throw it away. Cleaning up really does reduce stress.

Try something new. A class, a way of being, or a recipe can all be ways to break patterns that keep you stuck. I tried the following recipe last Sunday for my family and they loved it. It was easy and nutritious and I used the freshest, most local ingredients to make it:

Cook up some linguini. Cover the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil. Cut up some sweet white onions (I used some small ones from my friend’s garden), slice up 2 peppers, 2 native tomatoes and swirl in the bottom of the pan with medium heat to make a ‘sauce’. Add salt and pepper to taste and then add the cooked pasta to the pan mixing up the ingredients. Serve with grated Italian table cheese on top. Go ahead and improvise. It is fun and nourishing.

Feel free to share any wellness tips or special recipes for the season. Enjoy the changing leaves.

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