Finding Joy

It is ironic that joy is rarely grasped in the things the world tells us we must pursue in order to be happy: making lots of money, having power over others, having a showcase of a house or a family that gets along perfectly (which is a total fantasy anyway).

It is no mystery that joy is often discovered in the simple things, like the one I found recently: sitting around a small café table with my older sister and her best friend, who married my brother ages ago. We laughed at things nobody else could possibly find amusing, because of the collective memories we have together for almost a lifetime. We shared our appetizer of intriguingly spiced vegetarian eggplant meatballs and finished our meals amidst chatter.  When my cappuccino cup was empty, I felt warmth from it as well as from being with these two women. I left nourished on more levels than one.

This is one small example, but I hope you get my point. Find the people, times and places that make you smile from within. Choose to focus on them instead of what brings your spirit down.  I guarantee you will be healthier for it. These are life’s true treasures. Start right now.

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