I know, it is only spring and I am already talking summer…but this is an unusual one for me. During the months of June, July and August I will be away from the office for professional development and renewal. Professionally, I am grateful to have the opportunity to study with world renowned acupuncturist Giovanni Macioca. His insights into the psycho-spiritual aspect of particular acupoints has always informed and intrigued me. I also plan on researching some of the more complex cases in my practice as well as collaborating with fellow colleagues on technique and styles of treating.

On a personal level, to indirectly nourish my work,  I look forward to tending my small flower garden, practicing qigong (pictured here), and finishing some writing projects, all while mixing the weeks between city and country.

Although it is most likely not possible for many to take a three month work sabbatical (this is a first for me), I strongly suggest making some time and space this summer to recharge for the fall. It is not too early to plan!

I will be in the office until May 27th. Please contact me to make an appointment (availability limited) and/or to discuss recommendations on how to keep your summer health at its personal best.

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