A Gift for You

Spreading Holiday Cheer

It is with great pleasure, I kid you not, that I welcome the whirlwind of the holiday season. The last month of the year becomes a frenzy of seeing people who are not part of my daily life, having food that is not my usual menu (maybe a little too much), going to parties, and giving parties. All of this is on top of my regular routine.

Over the years, I have gathered a bag of tricks that keep me positive when the season of abundance veers into negativity. In that well-worn bag are acupuncture, yoga, massage, dance, prayer, and hikes in the woods. Also, I meet my sister on Saturday mornings to laugh and put things into perspective, I have lunch with friends, and I go to the movies and dinner with my husband. If I find myself in “oh, I wish this was all over” territory, I focus on something I am grateful for. If I ponder it long enough, gratefulness can lead me into a state of wonder, actual awe or even astonishment.

The last thing I do is to try to give back in a concrete way: to use my time, talent, and skills in ways that will benefit others. Because it is the season of giving, I am extending my hours on Monday and Tuesday until 8:00 p.m. If you rush to get to my office at the end of your work day, relax. Call me to set up a time so you can unwind, get a great night’s sleep after your treatment, and start the day renewed. I will be offering these extended hours throughout the month of December. Regular business hours are 9-5, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Warmest holiday wishes to each and every one of you.

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